Too good be true

27 May 2020

We heard through family that an estate agent named Sandra Clark had sold a house in 4 days after it had been on the market for over a year with another real estate firm. Too good to be true right? That’s what we thought too. After listing our property with another firm for 3 months and after trying to sell our house privately for another 6 months we decided to give Sandra the listing to see what she could do. Sandra came over, listened to us an gave us some good feedback. Sandra told us not to worry – let her sell the house and get the price we wanted. She was so positive but with her clear objective. We were not convinced so braced ourselves for another long haul of open homes. Guess what – we only did one open home! Within 4 days she had sold our houses for more than what we wanted! Unbelievable! I can tell you from firsthand experience that Sandra Clark is one of the most amazing estate agents, if not the best in Dunedin! Sandra listens then acts for her customers in a way that no one else can get the results. Make sure you use Sandra first, as you will save yourself time, stress and she will sell your house for what YOU want!

Geoff Bell

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